Goiswintha vs. Ingunde

In 579 Prince Hermenegild married Ingund (the daughter of the Frankish King Sigebert I of Austrasia). Hermenegild being an Arian and she a Catholic. At first Ingund was warmly received by Visigothic Queen Goiswintha. However, the queen was determined that Ingund should be re-baptized in the Arian faith. Ingund, still only twelve, firmly refused. According to Gregory of Tours: "the Queen lost her temper completely" and "seized the girl by her hair and threw her to the ground: then she kicked her until she was covered with blood, had her stripped naked and ordered her to be thrown into the baptismal pool". Illustration created for Desperta Ferro Antigua y Medieval n.º 73 Leovigildo. La unificación de Hispania