Galatians in Egypt

A significant number of Galatians and their families were living in Egypt during the reign of Ptolomeus IV Philopator. During the reign of his successor, the king Ptolomeus V Epiphanes (r. 204-181 BC) some Galatian mercenaries were sent to quell a rebellion in the Upper Egypt and participated in the siege of Abydos in 186-185 BC. Some of them were by chance in the chapel of Horus of the funerary temple of Seti I at Abydos, as we know by the graffiti they write on the walls of the chamber. The inscription (made in Greek) is: “Of the Galatians, we, Thaos Callistratos, Acannon Apollonios, came, and a fox caught we here”.
Illustration created for Desperta Ferro Especiales n.º 37 Enemigos de Roma (I). Los celtas