The Spanish Road 1567

Camino Español. On June 20, 1567, Prince Alba and his 10,000 troops left Milan on a mission to crush the Dutch Revolt in the Spanish Netherlands. Each day the expedition covered about 23 km, completing the journey in 56 days. The mapped road that connected Milan with Brussels, passing through the domains of the Duke of Savoie, the territory of Franche-Comté Burgundy and Lorraine, was for several decades the main route used by the Spanish authorities to send reinforcements to the fighting army against the Dutch rebels. The scene present the 'pontoon bridge' under construction. In the foreground - Francisco de Ibarra, provider of the Armies and Fleets of the kingdoms of Spain, and the chief engineer - Campano.
Illustration created for Desperta Ferro Historia Moderna n.º 50: El duque de Alba en Flandes.